James Estare Wines distribution

European Importers Pty. Ltd. have become distributor to James Estate Wines. So please contact us for more information.



The Latin translation of our motto Vitai Lampada is “the torch of life” which acts as a guiding light through life – is certainly relevant to our people.

It’s interesting if you look at where you (or the people around you) are in life and then look back to see how you got there. The path is more often than not a convoluted path full of twists and turns and a series of events that made little or no sense at the time.

This is pure Vitai Lampada in action. At James Estate we have a fantastic yet varied “collection” of people that have all been guided here at this point in time. Everyone of us is unique and we all have something to contribute, teach or learn. This attitude makes for better people and certainly makes for better wine.

We work hard, but love what we do. We hope that you enjoy our drinking wines as much as we enjoy making them.


Graeme Scott